Having fun with Tetsu (Ra:IN/MINTMINTS)

See how much FUN I had …
of course I don’t want anyone to pinch me now,
or serve me any wake up truth pills…
because I really want to stay in this delusion…
it’s all about the matrix

LOL just kidding…  but as you all know I rarely put photos with
me up here, but I honestly want you to see how HAPPY I am!
And how sincere I am when I tell you all in other parts of the world,
who wonder about me, and care about me,
and send loving thoughts and phrases…
Yes, as you can all see in these photos, I’m doing great!!!

Photos are with Tetsu drummer in Ra:IN. Right outside of
The Club Sensation in Yokohama.
To my right in second photo is Kyoko.


hide has sent me to the right people, and this is two of the
very few photos there are of me, but they show you exactly how
in the very right spot I am here in Japan!

PS I have no idea who took the photos, so sorry for the poor image quality.






DIEs XMas Special in Yokohama

You cannot see DIE-san here, but listen…
just close your eyes and listen to the keyboard…
It is DIE-san
isn’t this just plain AWESOME?



the Miracle.. hide’s voice called me!

DIE & CUTT  rocking the place
(Ignore the Japanese names for now :P)

Maybe I should write a lot about the music and such here…
or not….
Tonight I will tell you how totally amazing this is
To be here….
To see DIE-san and even chat with him afterwards.
………… Pink Spider you called me here!

Put yourself in my situation here…  just for a moment:
You live your life in whatever-country you are now
You learn your own native language. You grow up with your habits
and then you get a chronic and very bad illness already as a child.
An illness that now and then must be treated with tons of
medicines, and you often have a lot  of pain and suffering physically!

For those of you who know me since childhood, it is no
surprise that I have been fighting my illness and kicking back hard
and often not chosen the easiest path…
it all came to this!
The sense of pride I have tonight for my accomplishments!
Maybe I’m not the most successful person in every other person’s
but I am very grateful that I have this crazy gift of courage!
Because now after growing up in your place many years later
you rebel against everything as you know it,
You say EFF YOU to your illness (and actually I did not even bring
any pain meds here to Japan)

I settled in the center of a city with 3 times as many people
as my whole native country, and I don’t understand S*&T of what
people are saying, and I can’t read their language either
But I still figure out where to go to find these amazing people
…. that my heart told me to find.

In May when I first came to Miura Reien…
I didn’t know why I was there…
Then even more crazy than some people probably thought was
possible, I uprooted from everything i ‘have’ or by now… had….
friends (but not really my heart is always with me), house,
marriage, car, clothes, jewelry, paintings, dogs, schedule,
professors, campus, grocery stores, foods, smells, loves……
and all the other things you know you are attached to…

I left them for this….
to be here in a bar, with people I don’t know,
who speak a language I don’t speak,  just because an inner
voice told me to jump and leave it all behind….
Yes this is it !!! this is really it….
I was lead HERE!!
This is where a PINK SPIDER would land after that crazy longing
for the sky….for freedom, for a new life
Imagine …
I followed an inner voice from hide in May,
and here I am sitting and chatting with DIE-san, one of hide’s
band-mates and close friends, a little less than 6 months later!!

ピンクスパイダー 空は呼んでいる

THANK YOU  ALL!!! This aint over yet…..  ♡





Club Citta says: Happy Birthday hide!






Get a feel video

hide’s BIRTHDAY Party 2011

so you can get a feel for how it was to be there…
Not allowed to video shoot the actual live performances though