DIE – this guy really captured my heart tonight…
They all did, and I felt so at home here tonight!
THANK YOU so much for that feeling everyone who was here at
The Club Sensation  in Yokohama
and DIE-san I promise I will take time to learn 日本語 (^.~)
(We had some minor issues with language barrier while sitting and
chatting after the gig)




Julafton with Pata, DIE, Michiaki and tetsu

Ra:IN – DIE, pata, michiaki and tetsu…
and now just guess…. how fun was this evening…?

FUN enough for me to say I don’t missing out on X-mas this year.
There is  part of X at least on stage 😉
Pata who also plays guitar in X Japan.
He started Ra:IN in 2002 with Michiaki and Tetsu.
DIE joined 2007.
Of course it hurts a teeeny, tiny bit to be here today…
so far away from my family in the USA and,
right now it is December 24th in Tokyo ..
and Julafton (Christmas Eve) in Sweden

I take a rocking night with this guys any day over anything
in the world!!!






Mini-clip with Rock and INspiration

Ra:IN – a short clip of ROCK and Inspiration for you

God Jul – Merry X mas with Ra:IN Rock and INspiration…

Ra:IN members:
Guitar: Pata
Keyboard / vocals: DIE
Bass: Michiaki
Drums: Tetsu


Having fun with Tetsu (Ra:IN/MINTMINTS)

See how much FUN I had …
of course I don’t want anyone to pinch me now,
or serve me any wake up truth pills…
because I really want to stay in this delusion…
it’s all about the matrix

LOL just kidding…  but as you all know I rarely put photos with
me up here, but I honestly want you to see how HAPPY I am!
And how sincere I am when I tell you all in other parts of the world,
who wonder about me, and care about me,
and send loving thoughts and phrases…
Yes, as you can all see in these photos, I’m doing great!!!

Photos are with Tetsu drummer in Ra:IN. Right outside of
The Club Sensation in Yokohama.
To my right in second photo is Kyoko.


hide has sent me to the right people, and this is two of the
very few photos there are of me, but they show you exactly how
in the very right spot I am here in Japan!

PS I have no idea who took the photos, so sorry for the poor image quality.