Vagu*Project Bugs on Stage

Vagu*Project Having so much FUN on stage! Check out the sweet smiles on Shinya’s  face as well as the  awesome […]

Shinya (ex. name Tokarev)

Tokarev – とかれふ  (now Shinya)  Vagu*Project’s guitarist  with a cute adorable smile on his face in the dark…

A Short Memory Lane

Shinya (previously known as Tokarev / トカレフ) YuI on Guitar and Vocals Ryo on bass   Another one with Shinya Vagu*Project […]

MC Interview with YuI

ビデオは日本語です – Video is all in Japanese. Vagu*Project -YuI YuI, vocalist (and fire breather in the video below) in Vagu*Project, […]


Vagu*Project 浦和ナルシス Jan 22, 2012 Part V Track one or “Ring” from their single Love & Peace Don’t forget to visit here […]