Vagu*Project Bugs on Stage


Having so much FUN on stage! Check out the sweet smiles on Shinya’s  face as well as the  awesome interaction between Ryo and YuI when YuI lends the mic to Ryo and let him sing … ha ha
AWESOME gig!! Loved it!
At ThumbUp, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan 2-12-12

A Short Memory Lane

Shinya (previously known as Tokarev / トカレフ)

YuI on Guitar and Vocals

Ryo on bass


Another one with Shinya

Vagu*Project revisited

Tonight I have spent many many hours going through all the Vagu*Project photos for
a special purpose that I will reveal shortly…
Just want to share some of these photos with you tonight for a trip down, the relatively
short memory lane… Since October 28th of last year




MC Interview with YuI

ビデオは日本語です – Video is all in Japanese.

Vagu*Project -YuI

YuI, vocalist (and fire breather in the video below) in Vagu*Project,
is interviewed at Ruido K4 during their

POP☆UNITED presents『V系ポップディスコ Vol.2』

ビデオは日本語です – All in Japanese.



Vagu*Project 浦和ナルシス Jan 22, 2012 Part V
Track one or “Ring” from their single Love & Peace
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