Taiko and Drums Solo

Heavens Dust: Taiko (Japanese drums) and Drums solo
Sometimes when something doesn’t go your way, it’s probably just an illusion,
or a pink spider from the sky telling you to re-direct your perception,
and re-focus on what it is all about .
Let me tell you I have received an enormous amount of support (in response to previous
post) , and I want to celebrate this with drums!!
Let’s continue the mission for all abroad to be able to hear Japanese music!
This is what I am all about the LOVE for MUSIC, and LOVE for JAPAN!

So let’s listen to  some really great TAIKO (太鼓) and regular drums together
The video above is Heavens Dust’s Okaji on drums and  Ajo on Taiko
AMAZING!! and so cool

More about Heavens Dust:

This is some awesome percussion that goes straight to your heart ♡,
no matter what your passport say you are from… ha ha
If you cannot beat them, beat the DRUMS!! LOL