Going Down

Going down….
The first three days of this week was spent with my friend teaching
English intensively (and hopefully picking up a few Japanese words
along the way)  !
We also took walks in Yoyogi park, which literally is next door to my home.

We ventured into to book stores and grocery stores,
and at night we cooked dinner together all while talking about
Japanese food and culture.
Great times that came to an end Wednesday night,
because of a variety of reasons.
I hope we can start meeting again late next week,
because the insights I gain in the Japanese culture and thought are huge!

Luckily for me, life doesn’t give me DOWN time for too long,
so already on Thursday my wonderful friend Yuka had made
great plans for us to do!
We went to Kichijoji for a whole day and night!!
LOVED it!!
The tiny sake bars, the Inokashira park…
everything was so much fun!
By the way The video is from Tokyo tower
(elevator from second observatory deck down to the first)