Eisuke Grace Period

eisuke vocalist in “Grace Period”
at Black Hole Ikebukuro, Dec 28, 2011

Eisuke Grace Period


grace period’s rock is pretty straight forward rock.
If it wasn’t for the lyrics in Japanese, it would be hard to detect any
J-Rock content or sound. The JRock sounds are there… but
subtle, and it’s actually hard for me to really pinpoint exactly what
makes the difference in the soundscape.
It is not at all as salient as it is with many other Japanese bands,
especially Visual Kei bands.

I mean as I noticed when listening to ‘fade’ , that J-Rock and
Western style Rock is very hard to actually and truly blend, it is really
an “either or situation”, and not both or blended.
‘fade’s’ idea is to mix the two styles, just like a California roll is
an American way of adapting sushi to people in USA.
However, when I listen to fade,
most songs are either American sounding or Japanese sounding!
At least that’s how I feel about fade’s music.  Some songs are
resembling what I call the Green Day kind of Rock, others sound
more like classic Nirvana, and yet others had a distinct J-Rock sound.
It just doesn’t happen in my opinion that the soundscapes totally
merge and blend.
In the case of grace period maybe the sound styles did blend
at times, but with very, very hard to detect “Japanese-ness”
aside from the vocals and words ….
or maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve been so much around Visual Kei
bands lately, that when guys actually look!!! like rockers I get tricked?!

My issue is that I cannot really say much about non-Japanese rock,
because I really lack knowledge, insight and listening hours.
But someone close to me stated:
J-Rock always sounds so happy. (In her world meaning she
was comparing Japanese rock with bands like Perfect Circle,
Avenged Sevenfold or Disturbed)

Why? Why does Japanese rock sound happy?
Probably because of the tunes themselves.
So not sounding happy would make a more Western sound?
Not that grace period  sounds depressive… not at all,
but no they definitely don’t sound like another GazettE wannabes.
What also makes Japanese sound is the bass.
In Japanese rock the bass is often more melodic.
Often times when I hear American rock it feels like the bass is
another percussion instrument. This makes Japanese Rock often
more melodic, and might be a reason as to why it sounds happier.
The reason by the way for the American bass percussion sound idea,
is the American rock history from Negro spirituals, to blues, to rock.
Slaves’ music was often beat heavy.
Will return to this topic in the future, I’m sure.