Vagu*Project – Celebrating Shinya’s Birthday

Vagu*Project – Celebrating Shinya’s Birthday on stage at 大塚Hearts+

Gotta LOVE these guys for radiating so much love, passion and LIFE to the audience through their music and entertainment….
They are NATURAL BORN Stage pros !!!
Video is however shaky in the beginning and at times… sorry but its partially due to me laughing and smiling and being all happy….

Vagu*Project at 大塚 Hearts+ 11-22-12

Vagu*Project – 大塚Hearts+ 11-22-12
Including Shinya’s Birthday Celebration

Blog will be a bit out of chronological order now… Sorry dear readers for messing with your heads….
I will return with more Dazzle! photos, and I will also return to the band I promised to tell more about GURIGULA as well as a night at Club Sensation (Friday Nov 16th)

Now however a little intermission with photos of Vagu*Project on stage at Otsuka Hearts+
From left to right: Ryo Ba., YuI Vo./Gu. and Shinya GU.

Up next…. the birthday cake and song…

HAIR !!!

So yeah… ATSUMI-san bassist in DAZZLE! (@damagefactory on twitter)

Besides being a passionate performer on stage, his HAIR definitely makes me totally absorbed, and I can totally just look at it while listening to the music.
His hair is part of his artistic statement!
I talked with him a little bit about it after the Live, and he says it actually slaps him pretty hard in the face… well no wonder .. and yet he does it!
It sure is part of a totally attractive SHOW!