The book – a short hiatus

Due to the intense work with writing a book, this ‘Live feed’ is taking a short hiatus over the holidays. Also, beginning next year, I will be relocating and start writing with a more international scope. Let me know what bands you want to hear more about!
This ‘live feed’ is immense though, filled with reports, articles, interviews and music life,
so feel free to use the search function and read up about
Japan, J-Rock and your favorite bands.
Meanwhile keep in touch with me via my facebook page:
IsshoniTogether artists, tours, live gigs, Japan life and everything from behind
the stage will be told in my book, both in English and in Japanese.
If you are traveling in Japan, the venue lists might be helpful for you!
I am alos working on a music traveling guide for Japan.
You can choose to find information about a live house either alphabetically
meaning, if you know the name of a place but don’t know how to get there,
or where it is and you need a google map, then click here:
If you know where you are but not what’s around you then click here instead: