Artist Services

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Anna Cei – Artist Coach and Artist Manager

What I can do, what I have done,  and what  my expertise is…

  • Artist Management
  • Understand how to grow a fan base, revenue (profit) , tour timing, release timing
  • Artwork creation.
  • Graphic Designer with expertise in graphic production, printing, and digital display. 
  • International news and media connections.
    Fluent in English, Swedish, Spanish, German and some ability in Japanese.
  • Artist growth expert 
    Band psychology, personal life coach, project management with help to identify what needs to be done both personal level, band level and business level.
    Grow your band or individual career.
    Just like any other venture it begins with goals. We find your WHY and what drives you, where you want to go and together we then set up a relevant and realistic plan!
    A dream without a plan is just a dream!

Coaching Help artists improve and maintain mental health and stability through coaching techniques and hands-on tools.
We all need a mental tool box. Artists’ lives are tough and sometimes both stigmatizing and hard on our life rhythms due to disruptive tour schedules or other parts of lives which are unique to musicians.

  • Long term marketing and branding expert.
    Branding is everything also for a successful musician. What makes you unique? What is your purpose? How do you communicate this to your fans?
  • LiaisonThe spider in the web
    Initiate and oversee 
    There needs to be a spider at the core. Someone who picks up on the reverberations in your net, someone who acts like a liaison between all the cogs in the machinery that a musician and a band need:
    PR, media, videographers, rehearsals, studios, social media, merchandise production, bookers, studios, graphic designers, printers, newspapers, venues, web site  (yeah the algorithms and SEO techniques point that way and there are reasons why… ) etc etc
  • Band finance management
    How much does it cost? Are you including your own time?
    If you pay X for service Y,  do you get the result Z that you need and aim for?
    Budgeting and finance management is essential for any venture of any size.
  • Tour manager
    A tour manager is much like a script supervisor in the film industry….make sure all moving parts moves towards a solid end result.
  • Events promotion/listings oversight
    Local, regional, national, international? No problem, got all levels covered with a huge network.
  • Poster / merch production and printing
  • Network with music industry contacts in Japan/USA/Europe/South Africa/Australia
  • Pressing co
  • E-commerce Store product management and product promotion
  • Manage Podcast releases with all metadata
  • Plan and organize video and photo shoots/interviews as a public relations agent
    Experience dealing with media and press in several countries
  • Build campaigns, create newsletters, copy edit press releases